2016 IDP Draft Guide

The IDP Draft Guide is a first-of-its-kind product that will bring to you scouting insights like you’ve never seen for incoming rookie defensive players. No one else in the fantasy football world does IDP this in-depth. Get your hands on the 2016 version, the first edition, for these reasons:

  • In-depth profiles on 70+ rookie defensive prospects (to see the running list of completed players, click here)
  • Statistical overviews of the players’ college careers
  • Dynasty Think Tank’s own metrics that help you compare players’ physical upsides
  • In-depth scouting reports and transparent analysis of games watched, snaps played, and play-by-play breakdown of a prospect’s contributions in a game
  • Skill breakdowns for prospects (as well as future value) in an itemized, clear way; not just a round grade or A-F type grade
  • Rankings differentiated in three ways, considering big-play scoring, balanced scoring, and tackle-heavy scoring
  • An extremely affordable cost of $5
  • Much, much, more…


To pre-order the Dynasty Think Tank 2016 Defensive Draft Guide for its May 14th release, click on Buy Now.