Scouting Report: Kenny Clark, DT

This is a selection from the 2016 Defensive Draft Guide, posted as a result of the Green Bay Packers selecting him at 27th Overall in this draft class.

Summary: Kenny Clark is a big mound of muscle, but can move pretty impressively when he gets going for 300+ pounds.

He is a fascinating player to evaluate because of how UCLA used him at points, allowing him to stand two yards off the line of scrimmage aligned at the 0- or 1-technique position on passing downs. This would give him greater explosion and acceleration on those plays, and add more power to his straight line ability. His active hands are good instincts to have as a pass-rushing interior lineman, but he needs to sit lower in his hips; part of his lateral limitation is due to getting stuck high.

Clark is aware and makes fine plays to plug gaps, but is limited in his ability to move between gaps laterally. He has the mentality to be a two-gap lineman, but the agility to be a one-gapper. This over-the-gap role might be best for him anyway, as the angles he would work at offer him more room to accelerate than being head up on an offensive lineman. I would like him best as a one-gapping 3-technique, but he could be coached up into a versatile player with a few tweaks to his technique. There’s a high ceiling for Clark.


Clark will be used as a one-gap penetrating nose tackle in the Packers’ 3-4 defensive scheme. He can play the 0-tech well, and will soak up running back for tackles, but has the versatility to slip through the A-gaps and develop sack potential and tackles for a loss. His ceiling – if he earns the majority of the snaps for the Packers at defensive tackle – is close to DT8, but his floor should be no lower than DT16 in a full season of starter snaps.



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