Film Scouting

Some people think that you can boil a football player down to a series of numbers, but that’s just not true. Dynasty Think Tank‘s hybrid approach to player evaluation seeks to merge the science of metrics with the art of film study. We believe that nothing can replace traditional film scouting as a method of assessing football prospects’ technique and playing style. We use film scouting to provide our player assessments with a crucial interpretive, human component, but we still handle this with a scientific approach.

Our system is simple, but comprehensive: by assessing each player on six General Skills, and between six and nine Positional Skills specific to each position group, we provide a thorough analysis of each player’s abilities as they appear on the actual playing field. Each skill has a rigorous description of factors that play into its grading, and these are detailed on the positional home pages. These skills are graded on the standard NFL scouting scale of 1 to 9. Grade definitions are explained below.

Grading Scale
9 Hall-of-Fame caliber player or skill. In the conversation for the best ever seen.
8 Elite NFL starter caliber player or skill. In the top 5-10% of starters at position. Will be considered in best of their era.
7 Long-term NFL starter caliber player or skill. Strong enough to hold down spot and contribute for long time.
6 NFL starter caliber player or skill.This indicates ability on a level even to an average starter in the league.
5 Average NFL player or common level of skill. Regular contributor, though not exceptional.
4 Role player caliber of player or skill. Just below average, indicating incomplete game. Useful situationally, or as fill-in.
3 Roster filler caliber of player or skill. May indicate a low likelihood of improvement, and easily replaceable.
2 Poor caliber of player or skill. Little-to-no impact against professional competition, unlikely to improve.
1 Extremely poor caliber of player or skill. No impact against even low-level college talent, with no hope of improvement.