General Skills

These are the six General Skills each player is graded on, regardless of position, and their defining characteristics:

  • Awareness (AWR): This is simultaneously one of the most crucial factors and one of the toughest to analyze. The Awareness Grade can be anything from seeing the play unfold on the field and making quick and decisive reactions, to situational awareness within a specific scenario. Awareness is the fundamental “football IQ” and manifests itself in different ways for each position. For quarterbacks, a component of this is the feel of the pocket on a blitz. Running backs need to display block awareness. It’s the display that they know what’s going on at all times around them and are reacting to the game.
  • Speed (SPD): This is pure straight-line, top-end natural speed. The Speed Grade is graded on a relative basis by position, so a starter-caliber 6.0 grade in speed for a wide receiver does not mean the same as a 6.0 for an offensive guard.
  • Agility (AGIL): This is the raw ability to change directions and speeds with precision, balance, and fluidity. The Agility Grade is ascertained from a variety of plays, from the skill moves displayed by a ball carrier to nimbly navigating a collapsing pocket by a quarterback, from defensive rush moves to mirroring and backpedaling by defensive backs. This is graded on a relative basis by position.
  • Explosiveness (EXPL): This is the moment of impulse for a player and their acceleration. Off the snap, we want to see every player at top gear as quickly as possible. We want change-of-direction to not just be precise (Agility Score), we also want it quickly. The Explosiveness Grade defines this, and is graded on a relative basis by position.
  • Strength (STR): This is the raw strength of a player. Displayed in taking on blocks, defensive tackles, a ball carrier trucking another player, the Strength Grade defines the brute force that a player is able to exert on other players. This is graded on a relative basis by position.
  • Ball Handling (BALL): This is the skill needed to maintain control of the ball, whether in the form of ball security while running with it, catching a ball cleanly and bringing it into the body, stripping the ball as a defender, or the like. The Ball Handling Score assess this quality in players.