The Team

Joe Redemann (Editor-in-Chief, Head of Film Scouting)
Joe has been involved with fantasy sports for more than fifteen years, having developed rudimentary Value-Based Drafting systems around age 10 to assist with drafting his first fantasy teams. He is a former Staff Editor and Senior Football Writer for, and currently works at numberFire as a Lead NFL Analyst. Joe’s football research focuses include the Individual Defensive Player (IDP) format of fantasy football and NFL Draft scouting.

As a social justice educator in his other life, Joe believes in a liberatory approach to knowledge and education, insisting on revealing his process so that others can learn from it and he can improve his own practice.




Jay Holmes (Head of Metric Research)
Jay’s introduction to fantasy sports began in high school when his Dad roped him into an AL-Only rotisserie league his Dad and fellow pastors started in 1988. Baseball stats, and specifically sabermetrics, inspired Jay to dig deeper and to develop his own values using raw data and advanced analytics. After college, he was introduced to fantasy football and he’s been trying to dive deeper and analyze bigger to find value ever since. Jay works in finance and believes that if you have a problem, enough data and Microsoft Excel can find you the answer you were looking for – and probably four that you weren’t.

He currently is a Senior Dynasty Football/ MLB Writer at and focuses on using metrics and analytical scoring to find insight on performance and projections. When he’s not working or writing, Jay spends as much time as possible with his beautiful wife Katie and son Hunter.




Devin Vollmer (Metric Development Consultant)
Devin graduated from the University of Minnesota with a Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering in 2013, and plans to attend the University of Washington to pursue his Master of Science degree. Devin’s projects for Dynasty Think Tank include research and consultation on quarterback throwing mechanics, and other applications of projectile motion in football.


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